Current Roadmap

Previous Work (IO Ledge Software - UK)

June 2023 - October 2023

As the only employee and sole owner of this venture which started last year, I retain the work and have re-incorporated in the state of Iowa to continue working on the systems I have started.

Several core components such as BasicTypes, IoAccess, and MemCtx were started while trying to launch this venture.

Basic Types I - III

The base type system and elements such as data storage and string handling was written over the course of a few rewrites to deliver the flexibility it was imagined to provide.

IoAccess I

File access permissions and data-storage system.

BubbleView I-II

The desktop engine was brought to prototype form, including a node-based configuration user-interface, data visualization engine.


TemplLang was integrated into BubbleView but retains its value as a superset of XML capable of generating HTML based website front end interactivity as well.

MemCtx I-II

The first memory context manager was how I determined to abandon reference counting and use a slab based approach instead.

Forc (concept)

The Forc product was developed along with a business plan and some other industry/product speculation.


A legal document was created for managing confidentiality without stepping on existing technologists pior intellectual property. The agreement takes the place of a traditional NDA.

Compare Basic

December 2023 - January 2024

CycleServ I-II

The multi-protocol network server forms the backbone of the web products, and all system administration tasks on the server. CycleServ currently interprets and processes Emails (SMTP/LMTP) Website requests (HTTP) and MIME headers.

MemCtx III

The new memory context is lighter and has options to temporary allocation that enables performance tuning to be implemented more effective.y.

Email2Site (concept)

The market and product scope was evaluated for an easier entry and simpler initial release.

Domain Reseller (via

We are a registered Domain Name Reseller through The purchase API has been set up and was successfully used to purchase the company site

Basic Types IV

This version added segmented memory for all datatypes including strings, tables, and spans, which makes them fully virtualized in our memory manager. This has allowed any given data type to expand as far as the available hardware.

February - April 2024

Basic Types V

The new type system incorporates flags and lifecycles directly into the objects and simplifies and aligns several activities into stream handlers.

CycleServe III

This moves the lifecycle conventions in line with BasicTypes V, most of the inspiration for the lifecycle convention came from the original draft of CycleServ in the month prior. This now also includes bringing the XML processing capabilities of BasicTypes into the web page templating facilities of the response/actions portion of the server.

IoAccess II

Local data stores, and cryptography, and verification was added to support client confidentiality for customer data.

Email2Site - Demo I

The email and website publishing capabilities are demonstrated here.

Fall 2024

Email2Site - Demo II

Rich assets such as resized images in galleries, external video players from links in the email body, and calendar information are part of this demo.

Email2Site - Customer Launch (Basic)

The options for layout, product configuration, payment gateway processing, and user login portal are the remaining components for the initial product launch.

Email2Site - Customer Launch (Gallary)

The gallery site has more complex user configuration for more design centric customers.

Summer 2024

Email2Site - Customer Launch (Parallax)

The animation capabilities from prior data-visualization work will be repurposed and the learnings from initial Email2Site launches to create this higher price-point offering. Parallax is the experience of elements moving on the site as the user scrolls down.

2025 Roadmap

The plan for 2025 is determined on the Email2Site product launch.

2026 Roadmap

2026 is expected to involve a move to desktop and mobile software with a product-line that includes the BusyBee and Forc applications.

Further applicatoins and open source releases are planned to extend out past 2026, but the fidelity and timing is not yet determined.