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Productivity Software

We build productivity software for web, desktop, mobile and server applications.

Our approach is founded on two concepts:


Software should be considerate, avoid unnecessary updates and empower users to accomplish a variety of tasks. In addition, we won't presume to know what users want before they want it.

Custom Tools

We use a development model that starts from the memory manager and builds up data-structures to provide languages with capabilities. We accomplish this by creating our own languages and runtimes.

Value Triangle

We think of our business in four tiers.

Society Impact

Ideas and observations are the foundation of every valuable activity. Computers are composition and authoring tools. We believe society is at its best when it has ideas and perspectives contributed from individuals and professionals. Increasing this is the mission of our organization.

Customer Impact

All of our applications increase the impact of an individual or businesses, encouraging self-analysis, self-exploration, and sustainability.


We have built a suite of tools and language components and runtimes for the web, with plans for desktop, mobile, and document servers. Our technology is written in C and has the following three benefits.

Lifecycle(s) - This makes each task a series instead of a destination. Allowing us to compose instead of commit to a system's behaviour. This increases cooperation and the management of system demands with elegance.

Streams - We digest information as it arrives including standard web a document protocols such as XML, HTTP, SMTP, PDF, DNS, and eventually JPEG, PNG, h264 and TLS

MultiPerspective Data - We write languages that we use to compose systems with sequential and key/value lookup built into the base of their functionality. This helps scale the human effort of our interactive products.

Portability - Our system has been developed on Linux, Windows, macOS, Android, and OpenBSD. Our first destination is as a network server on the web with a mobile product in sight and desktop systems in the planning phase.

Business Impact

Boring stuff :) By our assessment, most of the economic value of software is in boring places. The market cap of traditional industries like business administration, food production, automotive, and manufacturing have the most appealing spaces for productivity software improvements.

As the systems territory increases we plan to move into these spaces over time:

Initial Product

Our first product is

Email2Site is a simplistic website builder that receives email to allow users to publish websites.

Send our servers emails of what you want to publish, and you can place them in your site. We know you have the photos, the writing, and the ideas already, we let you take it from your inbox to the web.

The key to this product is to use as much of what users already know to build websites. The early roll-out is aimed at hobbyists, small businesses, and family celebrations with an eventual place in business collaboration as we scale our development process.

Read more on our products page.