Compare Basic


To unlock the creative and analytical potential of humans who use computers. Read our manifesto.


The technology approach is to take langauge components which provide use-cases required in most modern interactive applications, that were not evident when most languages were originated in the late 90s (Java, Python, JavaScript).

Most datasets come from several different database, most variables are context-sensative, and hashing and typing are commonly used. These factors form the basis for why I am working on a language that puts these features into the poly-morphism layer of the object system, and uses a block based memory manager to make it compatible with a variety of platforms.

See our unit-test status page for updates and progress.



Composing websites should be simple, so we've empowered users to do as much as possible from their email client. We provide a user-interface on the web for them to place text, images, and calendar event information which they have sent to us via email.


Professionals who network a lot often find keeping up with the contacts they gather a challenge. This Android and iOS app provides a QR code that can contain notes about their interaction to the person they meet. Time and location information are also catalogued to trigger as many memories from the interaction as possible.


Data visualization through this desktop app is targeted to operations professionals who know the facts of their business but struggle with the reality of how they combine.


May 1st, 2024

Company on Haitus As I put down my year-long investigation into langauges and runtimes that was IO Ledge Software and Compare Basic, I have more relief than grief about the process. My inspiration was partly a reaction to what I had experienced across my 15 year career.

This post's title mentions bicycles because it highlights the mechanic of needing different amounts of effort and force while moving at different speeds... Read full article