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Stephen (Firecrow) Silvernight

Stephen Silvernight is a software engineer with 15 years’ experience in New York and London. His work includes web interfaces, GPU audio in C++, as well as insuratech workflows for Zego, Haven Technologies, and Shutterstock.

Prior to this he spent four years working as an office admin and later presentation designer in New York City for entertainment and fashion companies, including Warner Music Group. This variety of experience has established a baseline for what can work in both corporate business and agile software environments.

Stephen was introduced to computers in the early 90s. Learning and using 3D graphics applications at the age of 10. Working with computers has always been a creative and collaborative task for him, starting from an early age.

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Timeline of Stephen's Career

The bulk of my professional experience has been in highly interactive websites, with the bulk of my hobby projects being lowe level systems. This has turned out to be a good amount of breadth that provides several advantages for system development and design.



3D Graphics1994 - 2001

My childhood hobby was to make animated models in a program called Ray-Dream Studio.

Core Staffing2004 - 2008

As an administrative professional I worked for several corporate offices as a temp including Giorgio Armani, Prada, and Warner Music Group.


As a teenager I wrote and recorded an acoustic folk album and product and sequenced an electronic album.


This is a web consultancy I started before my time.

Shutterstock2011 - 2013

Front End Engineer - customer page, building interfaces for this stock photography marketplace website.


I began rewriting parts of the languages I liked to use, core pieces of javascript and python, recreated in C to better understand how they work.

Haven2016 - 2021

Full Stack Engineer - building web interfaces for this life insurance customer medical and life history intake forms. Working with a dynamic workflow router to surface website interfaces with customer decisions.


I built my own source control system to replace git and began using it for all my projects. I went back to git after realizing it was safer and better.


This is the first language I wrote myself, it took several years and was the longest and most educational project I have ever written.source code on github


I wanted to make a mobile app that helped me track packages, I started looking into Email protocols, SMTP, MIME and base64, for the first time with this project.

Zego2021 - 2022

Software Engineer - Built a configuration based composition system for the website front end of a new generation of their systems.


I wanted to make electronic music with complex algorithms, so I wrote a way to put animation on graphics cards by sending them a memory structure to make the audio data using the Rocm platform from AMD. source code on github


Software Engineer - Created a custom language for this stock estimation services company. Loosely based on a spreadsheet formula bar that mapped into their data storage. It provided creativity to their customers in an analytical way.

IO Ledge Software2023

This was the venture I started in the United Kingdom. Most of the components were built here. But the company didn't acquire funding before I moved back to the American Midwest.


I've gotten really impassioned about ingredients and preparation efficiency, culinary arts are a satisfying break for me at the end of the day.

Compare Basic (this company)2024

When I got back to Iowa, I re-incorporated, and targeted a simpler launch product to cover initial costs as the company starts. Email2Site is our first flagship product with the system that has been created for the company.


The last few years have been tough, and some of that has come out in my music.